Mike Judge’s ‘Silicon Valley’

Todays review is for Mike Judge’s ‘Silicon Valley’ a look into the world of nerds done right i.e. not done by the writers of The Big Bang Theory (Just fuck those guys). Welcome to Silicon Valley.

In this digital representation of the world, Pornhub has a building the size of America just out of shot.

I am a fan of Mike Judge and almost everything he has done with the exception of ‘Extract’ which was a strange meandering film with little beyond it’s lead actors. Returning to TV and a narrative that could have time to breath and characters that develop as the story does. I feel that Judge can create great worlds that are anchored in real life but he needs to focus on a single character and have a narrative that involves others but does not rely on them, A great example is President Comacho who is a fantastic side character but he may not be as good as the focus of his own movie.

Although I would be willing to pay money to be proven wrong.

Anyway, I digress, Silicon Valley is Judge returning to the small screen and starting a story with an underdog and his team of miscreants. Our lead is Richard who is a meek person that has invented an app which can search any song and check for elements that may already exist in copyrighted music (A premise already rife with comedy). After having his app torn apart by co-workers at Hooli (A fictional software company Richard works for) they find that the software may contain the greatest compression software ever made and so a bidding war begins for the program all the while Richard is unaware of what he has really created.


That is the plot out line for episode one and the story goes from there developing while our main character deals with issues regarding his social anxiety and whatever else cliché IT folk deal with nowadays. Along with Richard we have a ragtag team of other IT people including Idiot/Stock Holder Elrich (T.J Miller), Satanist Gilfoyle (Martin Starr), JAVA coder Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) and Eternal Slave Jared (Zach Woods). Together they take on the pitfalls of a start up company that lacks an identity and is often searching for a direction, the brunt of the comedy comes from the group interacting and the cast are great at bouncing off each other with some witty one liners.

Hey look it’s a visual jokes about graphs. NERD STUFF!!!!

The first series works well relying confidently on the cast and just general interaction. It is rare to find an American TV program that restrains itself from making 22 episodes for a season and having large amounts of padding (Plodding jokes or re-treads of sitcom staples), this first season is a lean 8 episodes and the arc ends then we receive a small hint to a possible arc for season 2. I would highly recommend watching this if you are a fan of comedy that doesn’t pander to its audience, there is no condescending tone aimed at the audience and no mean humour aimed at people for being ‘different’.

America, stabbing racism in the heart with America! Wait no, that is the opposite of what is happening in this picture.

Anyway I again digress, the show is great, watch it if you like comedy and if you don’t like comedy then you should probably avoid this entirely.


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