Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Episode 4

Oh Guillermo Del Toro why do you feel the need to make a liar out of me? This weeks episode was again more of the same, great moments heavily marred by terrible lines and an extended scene with Sean Astin that reeks of amateur theatrics. So to recap our plot, Eph and the team are aware of what’s happening, who it is happening to and (most importantly) that squishing heads will stop it from happening more. You’d think that anyone with knowledge of monsters trying to attack New York would be important but in the world of The Strain it appears everyone is oblivious even to the most obvious of occurrences.   


After killing a man the character should not say “What happened here?”.

So lets start with the story, we pick up immediately after the team have taken down the Captain, Eph wanders what he has down while Sean Astin eloquently states “It’s shitting out shit!” in reference to Redfern spraying Imodium from his penis hole. Cut to a few scenes setting up Gus’s home life while stealing some cars for money and the other pawns moving into place. No Vasiliy scenes this week which is a shame but we did see Setrakian kick some vampire ass (Good bye irritating little girl but sadly we lost her dad) and got to see him and his sword finally in action.


The aftermath of extreme vampire parenting.

Each week I say that this program will require investing in to see the full story and I think that is no longer true, the actual required story moments so far in this series could have been done in 2 episodes but it has taken 4 episodes. The biggest disappointment is the lack of focus and constant switching, especially switching to show our villain is human, he has compassion and fears death which are all deciding factors in his choice to sell out humanity, but why try and sympathise with someone who has SOLD OUT HIS SPECIES? How can him being scared of being human justify genocide? Why have an autopsy scene in the 4th episode when we have seen the creatures change and the tendrils which are treated as a revolution to our team but we’ve known about them since episode 1? Sure hearing about the changes and mutations that the virus caused are interesting but that information would have been more interesting before we saw it all happen.


An autopsy montage (without describing everything we don’t need to know) would have been more fun. Redundant information only reduces the time that interesting things can happen.

Poor Ansal finally succumbed to the Strigoi and became a monster which seems to have broken his wife (Who may also be infected, loves to say expository shit while stealing her sick husbands clothes and is RELIGIOUS?) who promptly offed the neighbour because he hurt her dog (So we are meant to assume it’s fine to murder assholes). The turn was sharp and jarring which made it hard to sympathise with her as she no longer acted like a human, she just instantly threw someone for her husband to eat after her husband has eaten the dog.


Pictured here: the opposite of a sane rational women.

Again this week was hard to watch as it seemed like we are just rehashing things we know and watching these people continue to act in the same way each week, we need to see growth and action based on what has been seen. No one would act the way any of our heroes have so far, they all do inhumane things or ignore danger until it is right in front of them. I really want to recommend the series but if this decline is anything to go by we are not in for some crazy action towards the end.

I give this episode a Sean Astin because from now on that is going to be the 2nd to worst score (You wait until something gets an Adam Sandler! That is the worst score). Its probably an episode that can be skipped if you plan to binge watch this series but next week we had a tease of Setrakian’s past which will hopefully be awesome.


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