Evil Ed


This title card looks incredibly familiar.

So here we go. Evil Ed is a film made in 1995 by a man named Anders Jacobsson in his home country of Sweden on the shoe string budget of SEK 250,000 (£22000) which explains why the film feels like something made around the 80’s. From the beginning till the end it really does invoke a sense that you maybe watching something by a young Peter Jackson both in terms of story telling and special effects. I get the sense that maybe the director was a fan of these films and wanted to make something of a homage to those types of exploitation movies which would also explain the reason why much of the cast are doing painful American accents.


A perfectly normal human nerd.

The plot revolves around Edward (Johan Rudebeck) who is a mild mannered film editor transferred to the Splatter & Gore division. The company have recently purchased a few notorious films from Europe and have Ed edit them down so they can be classified for a wider release. As Ed watches these movies he steadily descends into madness and starts killing anyone who gets in his way driven by various hallucinations. Eventually he is captured and taken to a mental asylum but breaks free for a 20 minute finale in which he murders everyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in his eye line.


There is actually some pretty good make up.

The film is fun and simply laid out, like the Peter Jackson films we get the perspective of the killer as this is essentially a film about only him. Most characters are fodder who rarely get more than a few lines to protest being gorily murdered, outside of that we know Ed has a child and wife but they get forgotten once we see Ed in his final form. Everything just works well, they have chosen a tried and tested formula that works well with the antagonist being the main character. We don’t need to know much about Ed except that he is a nice guy gone bad due to the circumstances he has been thrust into.


Who would have thought that Evil Ed would be defeated by a simple case of exploding hand.

I would recommend this film if you are a gore hound or just a fan of horror, in both of these categories this film delivers, do not go into it expecting much more and you will be happy.


A rare case of face versus shotgun and with the face winning.


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