Body Melt


Body Melt is a movie from the 90’s that attempts to both ape and emulate the body horror movement of the 80’s. Directed by Philip Brophy the film lacks any notable stars beyond a few people who have since had success on TV in soap operas like Neighbours. Lets try and get into the plot of the movie and see if I can make some sense from this mess.

Someone who is experiencing A Body Melt.

So the film centres around a company that produces vitamins to help increase immunity to illnesses and the health of the human race, the newest product is a powdered vitamin drink which the lucky people of Pebbles Court get free samples of. As the residents try the new drink it is revealed that it causes mutations in humans but not before causing some gory transformations. Everything takes place in a sort of anthology so each segment is treated as its own narrative with a few over arching points.

Bag pipes, this is just a picture of some red bagpipes.

After trying the vitamin drink a man begins hallucinating a mysterious women who sometimes appears as a corpse, sometimes as a normal sexy lady. He begins to feel worse and worse until finally he transforms into a pointy faced monster man. His is probably the least interesting story.


But it is the most sexy.

Meanwhile 2 young men travel out to a health clinic to donate sperm to the mysterious vitamin company. After some car trouble the 2 are forced to visit a local farm to have the windshield replaced, the residence of the farm all appear to be a bit off but the pair try to kill some time by hanging out with them. One of the boys has sex with Bruce Willis in a wig while the other attempts to escape by getting in a car and turning left.



Our third segment follows a family checking into the local health clinic for various reasons. The father is having issues with a runny nose, the son is hyperactive, the mother is neurotic and the daughter seems to be the only one with a brain as she notices things are not quite as they seem.

Massive tongue syndrome is sadly fatal.

In the final segment we meet a young couple who are expecting a child. The women visits the local doctor who injects her with some mystery liquid and her foetus transforms into a monster which rips her apart and forces itself into the throat of the man. The finale is dedicated to him vomiting on the police force as they murder him in cold blood for being all messed up. 



The plot just does not work but the director really works hard to tie all the stories together with book end segments involving Howard from Neighbours as a villainous doctor. The problem with the film is that, despite all the work to make the different segments fit, they just do not. None of those stories are supposed to be part of an anthology, that is most evident when watching the middle section involving the Australlian hillbilly and the time shifts massively.

Wait, Bruce Willis is in this?

I would not recommend this film to most people but if you are into gory body horror then this should be treated as a curiosity, the special effects are very good and some of the scenes show sparks of inspiration. The acting and script are pretty awful but that may also act as part of the charm in a group viewing.

This film really does live up to the title Ozploitation and in the process of doing so, earns itself a score of one Dustin Hoffman out of Patrick Swayze.


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