David Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’


Because all my reviews are non traditional I am going to start this one by saying I love this movie. Remakes have become a trend recently, this is odd considering that they have been a part of cinema for a few decades but recently it seems like properties are being revived all the time. Remakes are usually shameless attempts to churn out a cheap film using the good name of a previous hit (Delivery Man is one steaming pile of an example) but sometimes they can stand as a beast all of their own, The Fly is one example of that occurring. 


The secret to a good remake is Goldblum.

The original was a tale of science gone wrong and dealt with themes like technology, evolution and alienation. Many would argue that the 80’s was not a time when technology was something to be feared but Mr Cronenberg saw opportunity to spin the classic tale into his own twisted story of Man becoming something more.


More of something is not always a good thing.

The plot centres on Seth Brundall (Jeff Goldblum) creating a teleportation device which he gleefully shows off to a disbelieving journalist Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis) after meeting at a party. After a few initial tests Seth makes the decision to test the device on himself. When he starts exhibiting some odd behaviour Veronica becomes worried and finds that Seth is changing into something part man and part fly. She goes to her boss Stathis Borans (John Getz) in an attempt to get some help for Seth but it maybe too late, he may no longer be human and may now be Brundlefly.


I think the moment you melt a mans foot off you have to revaluate your life decisions. 

So the actors in the film are all perfect, Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum were a couple at the time which means the chemistry is dead on. John Getz plays the ex boyfriend and boss to Davis getting a couple of good scenes but mostly plays the traditional villainous ex but has a noticeably fun time with some of the more hammy lines.


Jeff’s hair should be credited as a supporting character.

The script is rich with a few brilliant lines that have become well known to horror fans. Geena Davis delivers the tagline for the film “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Goldblum gets the great line “Yeah, I’m a body builder. I take bodies apart and put them together again.” Everything feels like the natural progression and evolution of the characters. There is a bit of a gap in time during the transformation scenes but since I have never known someone to change into a man fly I really cannot complain that anything occurs too quickly.


I feel like the fingernails would not have come off early on, takes at least a week to build up that much puss.

Every aspect of those film is fantastic, if you haven’t seen it before I would highly recommend watching this incredibly crafted piece of cinema. This movie gets all the Goldblums, I cannot put into written word just how brilliant every minute is, I first saw it when I was 8 (Not my parents fault) and love it now I’m 25 which means it has stood the test of time for one person.

On a side note I would also recommend attempting to watch the sequel, it is not the classic the proceeded it but when consider it’s own beast has some nice moments and has a great revenge scene against the main bad guy.

I fucking hate this guy and he really deserves his fate.


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