Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Episode 6

Finally I can honestly say that The Strain is now the program I wanted from the source material. The key characters act as they should as the situation worsens and people are finally reacting to the spread of the Strigoi virus. Things are heating up in the vampire action and a few stock bad guys make moves that make the audience hate them more, that is fine because we shouldn’t like the bad guys.


Vampire kisses: usually not great to be on the receiving end.

This week opens on a shot of the imminent eclipse which is always a bad thing when vampires are involved. Setrakian kills some more Strigoi but is showing signs of slowing down due to age and attempts to recruit a taxi driver into his new silver wielding gang. Eph gets arrested after his ex wife’s boyfriend calls the FBI who turn up and drag him in for questioning, this leads to him seeing his old buddy the mortician from the first episode. Gus/Jim work together to dispose a Strigoi and Nora/her mum seek refuge from vampires before the eclipse creeps in. Finally Vasiliy mercy kills both his co workers with his can do attitude and a well placed window.


Sunlight is also the ultimate weapon against die hard MMO players.

Everything moved at a good place this week and felt like we are progressing. The gang are still not together but we are getting there, Vasiliy and Gus are both still not in the A team but they are at least aware of other powers working towards some sort of non-blood related meal in the near future. Gus came off as more likable this episode, sadly his happy smiley cousin got to be Gus’s introduction into virology and how the infection works, which will hopefully feature prominently next week.


Apparently a small amount of sunlight is fine for vampires.

All in all this weeks biggest gift has been that it was coherent and concise in the plot points we were presented. I am still not a fan of Sean Astin but we did not have to suffer through his presence long. The kinetic pace gave proceedings a feeling of energy and movement which is really all I have wanted from this program since it started.

I give this a Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon, just the right amount of crazy while also hiding a bit of substance.


I’m not even going to type the words, just insert Dirty Harry reference here.


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