Kimani Ray Smith’s ‘Evil Feed’

So I don’t know how I came across this film but it has found it’s way on to a screen allowing me to attempt to decipher it’s madness. Made in 2013 and starring no one I can find any recognisable credits for, Evil Feed is some schlock horror that is heavy on the gore and low on characterisation.

Girl you have one hell of a character.

Evil Feed starts with the bloody dismemberment of some unknown people by the kitchen staff of a Chinese restaurant named The Long Pig. The owner of the restaurant is killed by his son who soon takes over the business and turns everything into a bid-for-parts live dining experience. A group of young martial arts fans go to a training session but find the sensei is missing, as it turns out he has been captured and forced to fight as part of the bid-for-parts dining experience. It’s up to our intrepid heroes to fight the cannibal diners and save some people they may or may not know.


The film is actually well shot and the gore effects are a mix of practical/digital which is usually avoided in low budget horror due to the cost of sets. To avoid the sets costing a lot of money they use only a couple through the entire runtime. The prominent 2 sets are the restaurant and a MMA arena, there is also a kitchen but that is only seen twice for around 8 minutes in total.

Nicholas Cage is still method acting his character from Face/Off in hopes of a sequel.

The acting is subpar but in horror it doesn’t need to be great, one person that does make an impact is Terry Chen who plays Steven (The psychotic son of the original owner) and hams up the entire script like it was delivered to him written on pork products.

Script delivery for Mr Chen.

As with every horror film we get some boobs and penis, blood and gore, mayhem and murder all within the 90 minute runtime. It’s a fun ride and worth watching if you haven’t seen any other film about cannibals running a restaurant this week.

I give it a Nightmare on Elm Street 5, not great but watchable.


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