Netflix Original Series ‘Bojack Horseman’

Netflix have jumped on the adult animation band wagon and produced a new series available exclusively through the streaming service. This new program is Bojack Horseman starring Will Arnett, Aaron Paul and Alison Brie along with a few other notable actors who cameo.


Will Arnett and Aaron Paul speak about things.

The story of Bojack is one that’s anchored in reality. An 80’s sitcom star has trouble finding work and relevance within the modern media world, while also dealing with ghosts from his past surfacing as he clings to the dwindling vestiges of fame. Through out the series we are introduced to the world of human/animal hybrids and our lead characters history is revealed. It’s familiar territory but, thanks to the world in which it occurs, there are some fun sight gags regarding the anthromorphasised animals.


A horse and a pelican walk into a bar.

The series is good and it’s clear that they made it with the intention of following our hero beyond just this first season. I wouldn’t say that it is an out right comedy since a lot of what happens has a dramatic heavy tone so but there is still humour. It seems that there is more than just the standard pop culture references and irrelevance found in other similar programs.

Bojack Horseman 3 way

Labradors and betrayal, something we can all relate to. 

I watched every episode in the space of a day and found it was easy viewing. It’s nice that they do discuss matters beyond 80’s film references and cancelled TV programs.


Wait, these 2 are together? I kind of want to see that.

Everything is nice and works well, the situations are old but, as I mentioned before, the environment and world these characters inhabit make it all feel fresh. I give this a positive review and say it is definitely worth a watch, even if it is just out of curiosity.  


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