Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Episode 7

And that is how you make this series interesting. Finally the pace has picked up and we are into vampire killing, decision making, old man grumbling and complete carnage mode. Some people where killed, some where turned and we had a stupid piece of dialogue regarding calling the big bad ‘The Master’ (Words are his POWER!). This week has made me feel a lot more confident in recommending this series. Lets dig our teeth into this plot.


Kiss me you stupid fool!

We open up this week on the on going babysitter adventures in nightmare vampire land. Joan Luss has suffered the alopecia that marks her exit from the human race, her children are living with the house keeper (What will the neighbours say?) and her daughter is hell bent on returning them to their mother (Possibly starting the first vampire takeaway service). Eph, Setrakian and Nora attempt to destroy the Nazi in the room (Or train station) but he maybe more cunning than he seems. We go back to school with Setrakian’s past as we see he may have a hand (Or two) in bedding The Master. Jim attempts to redeem himself (No one cares) and Eldritch may put on weight (Again who fucking cares).


Windows are a delicacy to Strigoi.

This series is really picking up speed which helps to reduce the amount of time we have to hear exposition and increases the time we get to see people trying to kill vampires. The characters are all acting more human now but there is still something missing in the performance from Corey Stoll as Eph, it’s not bad but I get the feeling that science guy Eph needs to be put to bed for this series. Towards the end of the episode we get to meet a new character who adds further questions regarding this realities vampires and what they actually are.


Fucking window lickers.

I still have issues with the episodes scenes predominantly focused on Eldritch and the sympathetic way he is being treated, I understand fear can be a driving force behind bad decisions but he still did something unforgivably monstrous and does not deserve sympathy. Sean Astin had an argument with his wife and I take her side, she would rather die than be blamed for the shit that has happened since the coffin was released from the airport and to make responsible has only served to make him easier to hate.


God I hate you Eldritch.

One character that really stands out is Eichorst, vampire who seems to still retain what little humanity he had before being turned. He gleefully taunts Abraham in the past and appears to be a genuine threat in current day New York. The conversation with a young Setrakian regarding talents is brilliant, showcasing the talented actors they have assembled for the project.


I just want to DANCE!

All in all this was a great episode. No Vasiliy this week which is always a bad sign but they have achieved the impossible and delivered a fun episode any way. I give it a Blade out of Lesley Nielson. Recommended to anyone who is looking for some fun, taut, fast vampire based TV.



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