Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Episode 8

Welcome to the world of oblivious extras and back ground characters we call The Strain. Guillermo Del Toro probably doesn’t have much to do with the weekly episodes of The Strain but his presence is felt through the design of the monsters, his passion however is sorely missed. Well enough lamenting the lack of talented hands on deck, we have a fun episode and lets not spoil it by being pissed off at the length of time it has taken to get here.


(Insert Dirty Harry reference here)

So we open where we left off, the gang have got a shot off at Eichorst who bolted as if nothing happened, turns out it may have a been a bit worse than he previously let on. Meanwhile our heroes (Knowing that the Strigoi maybe driving down the local real estate prices) have decided to grab some UV lights to defend themselves, in doing so they meet Mr Fet and we finally get to see the band all together. From here we also see little Miss Hacker Pants (Whose actual name appears to be Dutch) join the group while they hunker down against the Strigoi in a petrol station. Murder, mayhem and a little tension regarding Fet dispatching one of the team after infection strikes are all on the cards.


When I said I wanted to get nailed I did not mean this.

This week we got to witness the most action this series has offered in its relatively short run. Everything moved at a swift pace with some great action beats and fantastically kinetic energy. Vasiliy showed that silver is not the only way to go and Setrakian was his usually badass self, dispatching the pale suckers with some great swordplay. Nora had a moment of doubt before blasting away at monsters and Eph acted like a moody bitch when it was discovered some one was infected.


That’s what you get for having butt sex with a vampire.

This was a great episode but really if we were watching The Strain the movie it would only be a 10 minute scene and not an hour of content. It felt stretched at times and the attempts at tension really added nothing. The shot of a Strigoi with a massive head wound after Fet took a jumping downward strike was a great bit of imagery though.


I have a splitting headache.

I would recommend watching this episode, I give it 2 dead Jims out of 7.


Yay! Goodbye you lacklustre son of a bitch.

Spoiler Sean Astin dies and I fucking cheered.


I could have cried with joy!



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