Luke Greenfield’s ‘Lets Be Cops.’

So I went to see this comedy film about 2 guys that let a bad decision spiral out of control. In a few crazy comedic turns our leads go on a mad adventure, save some people and maybe learn a little about themselves in the process. Our director Luke Greenfield previously created the offbeat but well meaning The Animal and the incredible film The Girl Next Door. Jake Johnson who famously played Jesus and the affable loser Nick in New Girl (pretty much the same character as he plays here but with some American football success in his early years). Damon Wayans Jr was in the brilliant series Happy Endings (Cancelled way too early) and played Coach in the pilot for New Girl (He is now a recurring role apparently) much of his shtick is also very similar to previous roles but he has some great comedic timing.


The actors laugh when the audience are supposed to, that’s how we can tell something is funny.

The plot of the movie is that 2 guys who are down on their luck decide to attend a costume party as cops, little do they realise that it is a actually a masquerade ball and promptly leave. Walking through the streets they realise that the outfits are so realistic they can actually pass as real members of the police force. In a move that does not reflect any significant news stories that have occurred recently they abuse the power, a lot. When the abuse of power inadvertently stops some crimes the pair are notice by the wrong people. Could this mark the end for our heroes? Has the abuse of power mounted up? Will our heroes ever truly ‘Be Cops’?


Look, jokes about torture in a film with jokes about abuse of police power. Definitely too soon.

Being a comedy film that really is about 2 people abusing the power that comes with being a law enforcer, this really was a poorly timed release. With what happened in Ferguson and the murder of an unarmed teenager by a police man who definitely seemed to be abusing his power, you would really think that the film studio would maybe push back the release but no, sadly here we have the film on a wide release. It really is just a mediocre comedy which maybe the worst thing about it, both the leads are charming and could play these types of characters with minimal effort but they do try. Rob Riggle is great as a police officer that attempts to befriend the 2 under the belief they are actual officers, less successful though is Andy Garcia who sleeps through most of the scenes he is in and that really is a shame considering the pedigree he could bring to almost any film.


Look they are seeing a movie in a movie! Funny!

I guess the biggest crime for a film like this is just that it is so passive. If maybe it was released in the 80’s it would at least have an edge but here it is just blargh or ugh. I give it 1 fifth of a Mel Gibson.


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