Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Episode 9

God fucking damn you Guillermo you son of a bitch, I really wanted to enjoy this week’s episode and once again you take a steaming shit on my hopes. After the last episodes massive improvement on the previous repetitive-exposition-fest we get back to the lofty highs and deep, depressing boring scenes of just blargh. I may have just given my opinion but let’s go ahead and review this week’s episode anyway.


In reality this shovel would not save this irritating child.

So we open on Zack getting home after chilling with his aunt (Who irresponsibly drives off immediately after Zack exits her vehicle) and we get to see one of the monsters we are supposed to fear get smacked about by a 10 year old with a shovel. After that the team are going from house to house, collection things and going through some generic bonding moments. Fet flirts with Dutch, Past Einchorst flirts with Past Setrakian and Eph has sex with Nora after decapitating his ex-wife’s lover. Einchorst once again shined as we saw his infection way back when he was a normal Nazi and not a Strigoi Nazi this also gave us a chance to view The Master. Gus was his usual awesome self but sadly had to dispatch his cousin due to squiggly worm infection.


Heavy man 

This episode really did not need to happen, after the previous episodes great Assault on Prescient 13 feel we get this episode that supposedly happens moments after. Everyone wanders around as if everything is already back to normal, the team know this is spreading and a force of Strigoi are gathering but go around joking and wasting time chatting about nothing. Eph lets Zack (His own defining plot point) wander off with the team so he can victory bang Nora after killing Matt. It all just felt disjointed and badly paced, essentially we are back to the initial episodes in terms of the character actions but now these characters are facing a very real apocalypse we should be seeing them fighting for survival, not meandering about town to grab clothes.


Stop crying, you’re so ugly when you cry.

It really is a shame that they wasted part of the budget on this, the episode could have been about Eph trying to connect to his son and attempting to find Kelly but instead it’s about absolutely nothing. There really is nothing particularly special about the events that are supposedly in the present day, the scenes set in the past are still amazing (They really set a high standard which the other scenes fail miserably to meet when compared). Gus had a great moment but it really feels like they are wasting him but he wouldn’t have much to do just yet, when chaos hits we should see some great moments from him though.


I don’t know how to quit you.

I give this episode a Sean Astin toe tag, it is easy to watch and still entertaining to see. I really wish they had some more reactions from the people attempting to survive Strigoiland that don’t have a ton of silver weapons but hopefully we will see that in the coming weeks.


Even Strigoi love ‘Orange is the New Black’ which means they have Netflix. Oh fuck! The Strigoi have Netflix!



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