Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Episode 10

Jesus fucking Christ. I really have no idea why I persist with some TV programs, it’s like head butting a brick wall at times. So if you haven’t already guessed I wasn’t a big fan of this weeks episode, it had some moments but as always they are marred by various pitfalls that just should not be there. The series is shot well and the characters are all here but somehow they are just failing to tell the story that has already been told in both a comic and a book.


Turning your child into an immortal monster = Bad parenting.

This weeks episode is title ‘Loved Ones’ and is all about Ephs fight to save his possibly already turned ex wife Kelly. A nice little B story involves Dutch and Fet trying to turn the internet back on. Zack and Setrakian are barely seen which is a shame since David Bradley is always a welcome screen presence. Gus is completely absent this episode and he is sorely missed after last weeks prison escape, considering how busy the police force must be with Strigoi based crimes you would assume we would see him gallivanting about but alas no.


Not pictured here; Good parenting.

Everything is lacking this week, the plot and the acting are inconsistent with the characters so far, Kelly is still incredibly unsympathetic and Palmer is beyond redemption, just an evil fucker with little motive beyond being scared of death. Eph gets closer to being the new Jim and in the tradition of kids in adult TV programs Zack is irritating at best. We get to hear a bit from Palmers body guard and hopefully he will not suffer the same fate as the book equivalent of the character.


Extreme mascara.

One incredible thing that I did notice from this episode is some excellent scene composition. A few close up squirmy moments involving blood worms and a excellently shot scene in a basement are wasted on what is essentially dross. Matt made a return and we got to see that the last 3 episodes have all happened within 32 hours of The Strain time, this makes some of the dialogue even more baffling but that’s to be expected at this point.


Take a bow whoever created this shot.

I give this episode a Sean Astin. It’s not really worth watching and missing it will not hinder your ability to follow the plot. Avoid if possible, ignore if not.


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