Leigh Janiak’s ‘Honeymoon’

I like many people, love Game of Thrones, I also enjoyed the recent series Penny Dreadful and often find myself wishing I could somehow combine the 2. Welcome Leigh Janiak’s ‘Honeymoon’ which is a film which has nothing to do with TV but does star 2 people that have been on TV. Namely Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones Ygritte) who plays Bea and Harry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful’s Victor Frankenstein) who plays Paul, both proven entities within their respective series and both baffling English considering they are supposed to be American in this movie. Let’s get to the plot. 

“You know nothing Viktor Frankenstein!”

The film opens with both Bea and Paul’s wedding video in which they discuss Indian food being the reason for the ceremony. We then see them arriving at a cabin shortly after, this we find is the beginning to a honeymoon at Bea’s childhood vacation home. When Bea starts acting strangely the couples bond becomes strained, slowly Paul begins to realise that Bea maybe different, not married different but DIFFERENT different.


2 sexy people, doing sexy things.

Both actors are great on screen and have a natural chemistry when the film begins, as the plot continues the strain between the 2 feels genuine until the madness really begins and they start exhibiting some clichéd horror movie reactions. Drama is replaced my squinty blank stares and when the time to run away comes we instead watch people floundering around doing silly things. One incredibly awkward moment is a chance encounter with an ex of Bea (Who apparently went to the Gary Busey School of acting) it just isn’t required and seems out of place in a film that does not require further conflict.


Confused, possibly evil but so very attractive.

One strange aspect of the film is casting, we have 2 great actors playing Americans in a film that could have been about an English couple visiting the great American outdoors. Choosing to have the 2 be English would have avoided the terrible ex-boyfriend scene and would have given Rose Leslie the chance to say “You know nothing!” which would be the perfect end to this.

The look of upset when you ruin your favourite dress frolicking through the woods.

The actual film is actually very well directed and apart from the scenes already mentioned flows well. The 2 leads are very convincing as a couple and do a serviceable job on the American accent.


The disappointed look of a committed woman.

I give the film 2 divorces out of Mel Gibson’s kilts. I recommend.



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