Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Episode 11

So it is once again that time of the week when we let go of our perception of quality and happily hunker down for an episode of The Strain. Every time I prepare to review this I have conflicting emotions over if it is worth attempting to quantify what I am viewing and why I am viewing it. Ah well, let’s get into the meat and potatoes shall we.


Nobody cares about either of you!

We open up on the team working on some new weapons to help fight the ever growing army of the Strigoi currently taking residence below New York. There is a forced tension between Eph and Fet still but other than that we have the team working as a unit. Everyone decides it’s time to take the fight down into the sewers and rain some holy hellfire in the form of silver plated swords, silver bullets and good old fashioned suicidal tendencies. Less successful is the B plot involving Zack and Mirela trying to find cigarettes. Gus gets a few minutes as well, this is much more successful than the B story. Will they end The Master? Can our heros save the day? What do Strigoi do with their spare time?


After they developed a taste for glass Gus attempted to expand their pallets to baseball bats.

This week is noticeable stronger in both plot and characters. Eph gets a few nice moments while not being entirely irritating, Gus gets to be awesome again but this time with added emotional context and Fet gets to be Fet, which is always good. One of the weaker aspects of the show are the scenes depicting Nora’s mother and Zack interacting, neither of these characters are compelling and the time would have been better spent with Gus (Hell I would have preferred if they showed what Dutch was up to). We got to see The Master speed around a bit which was nice but he still looks pretty ridiculous up close so less of that would be better.


Old slab face, vagina lips.

All in the episode was enjoyable, we got to see everyone do what was needed and learnt that Setrakian maybe a little blinded by his mission. Everything is falling into place for the finale, we don’t really have any sort of resolution or goal that the team are heading for but at least they are moving.


Patiently waiting for Gus to get a spin off series.

I give this episode a Jamie Foxx, it’s great but it still has a lot of crap that just doesn’t seem to be thought out.


A cheeky Fet smile to end the review with.


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