Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ Episode 13

VAMPIRE WEEK! Well we made it everyone, here is the season finale for The Strain. So far I have had mixes emotions about this series and the finale did nothing but make it more evident that they wish to veer wildly from the plot of the book. I will soon to do a comparison between the book and the series but for now PLOT!


Palmer being a smug asshole.


This guy is genuinely interesting and displays conflict of interest. No joke to be made in this case.

So the Canary team have decided to take on The Master head on and take him down, defeating the strigoi and saving the world! Meanwhile Guy meets some rubber vampire costumes and Mr Quinlan. Eph and Fet decide to scout the home of the vamps ready for the showdown of the year. Bolivar makes a return following last weeks brief cameo at the end, I do question keeping his wig despite now being full Strigoi but why question anything in this series anymore. Will they defeat The Master? Why am I still watching this expecting quality? Why do we need to see Palmer each week?


The bands altogether!


Slab face, vagina monster with penis tongue?

This being the last episode of series 1 I was hoping that we would be building towards something but alas this week was another random choice to attempt to defeat The Master once and for all. Decisions seem to be made without any consideration of timing or reason, there is no particular event that makes the crew believe they will win against an ancient slab faced monster but they have nothing else to do so, why not?


Kiss me you fool!


Lets not give these guys any time this week, they are far too interesting compared to the main storyline.

Each week I held hope that this series would rise up and meet me halfway when it came to expectation but alas, every episode was a little worse, sure we had the flashbacks with Setrakian and the moments of charm from Fet but it was just a splash in a very shitty ocean. Probably one of both the best and the worst aspects is the design of The Master, part practical effect and part CGI he often seemed fake but when moving at faster speeds he seemed like an actual threat.


I think I have something in my throat.

Casting wise this series did a good job of picking actors Setrakian. Fet and Nora all played their parts well. Less successful was Eph who occasionally repeated himself with disease, while that maybe fault with the script and not the actor it was still hard to listen to every week. The initial survivors all the way back in the first episode were all well cast and interesting but sadly we did not see enough of them to humanise the process of becoming a Strigoi. Gus went from initially being a stereotype to being a really strong character in the space of 4 episodes, we even got to see the virus humanised in his storyline but that only made the A story feel so weak in comparison. Quinlan appeared and they teased a team up but we will have to wait for that but in reality I don’t know if I have anymore time for this series.


We won’t even speak of Kelly being the focus of a full episode when Gus still only gets 5 minutes at the very best of times.

In comparison to the books the story line has been all over the place mixing in elements from both The Strain and The Fall but not getting either right tonally. The Strain should be a story of hope and mounting odds which our Heroes face and battle against but always have hope in sight. The Fall should be the decline of the human race (Or at the very least it’s presence in New York) and the Strigoi being more prevalent on the streets, essentially by that point hope is in short supply. The reason these stages exist is to chart the journey of the virus and eventual decline or domestication of the humans.


Do you mind if I smoke?

I was unhappy with the finale and hoped that by this point we would have followed the first book slightly more stringently. After rewatching the first 2 episode I can see where I had gotten the hope that everything was as it was in the book but sadly that was not the case.


Pretty sure modding a nail gun voids the warranty.

This episode gets a Steven Seagal with a milkshake. It’s entertaining for a while but 5 minutes of this shit would be enough.


Eichorst gets a new piercing.


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