Dulyasit Niyomgul’s ‘Cadaver/Sop’

Sadly I have been away from my site for a while now, although most people probably didn’t notice I still felt like I was letting down my imaginary audience. Well now I am back to review more films for you all. The first in a long line of weird movies I have seen lately is the film Cadaver/Sop which is a strange Thai horror that crept its way into my DVD player. Lets talk about it shall we?

Why are these bodies filled with Fanta?

Our hero is Mai (Natthamonkarn Srinikornchot) A young medical student who has reached the point in her education where she must operate on cadavers. The teacher of the class Dr. Prakit (Nirut Sirichanya) does his best to help Mai but it seems she is struggling since the cadavers have been introduced. It is revealed that the entire class have been having visions of the people they have now been assigned to dissect, visions that seem to pre-empt moments of intense misfortune. Can Mai solve the mystery before it is too late? Are the visions attempting to tell her something? Why are all adults creepy bastards?

This look of concern is actually his evil stare of doom he is just really good at hiding it.

This is a strange movie, if that wasn’t already evident from the summary above it is immediately evident from the first 5 minutes. There is a slow pace to everything and all the misfortune caused by the ghosts is not evidently a consequence of the haunting. Some characters act evil and seem to have evil motivations but no one reacts to it, I can only assume that this is normal behaviour for the character but we never have enough back story to know.

She is probably evil. Not sure because most characters are not fleshed out (Pun intended).

Sound is OK and there is the usual combination of chimes that have come to be the norm in these movies. The ghosts do not click or do the contortionist waltz instead choosing to do the jump scare scream that is usually reserved for slamming doors in Paranormal Activity. Disappointingly there is not a really villain until the end of the movie but the reveal is well done.

These 3 men all have the same haircut. Suspicious.

This film is not a new Ringu series waiting to happen, it’s a nice little segway into some not often used combination of higher education and horror. I would recommend this to anyone interested in horror form the East but it really is not for everyone. I will give it a Mad Mel Gibson, a hidden gem for the Thai horror curious.


BTW I am back and will make sure I write you a few more reviews shortly.


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