Critapocalypse Episode 7! No stopping us now!

We return to you this week in nostalgic mood, reminiscing about the year gone by.


Look at that magnificent bastard!

Please follow us as we discuss what we liked and what we didn’t like so much from 2014.

Within this episode we discuss: Penny Dreadful, Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, Tranformers 4, EA Sports UFC, Sunset Overdrive, Shovel Knight, Download 2014, The Flash and Bojack Horseman.

Someone made my thoughts into a picture before I thought them! (All credit goes to the person who made that image)


Critapocalypse Episode 7 Soundcloud


Critapocalypse Episode 7 Youtube


Critapocalypse Podcast Episode 3

Hey there people. How are you all doing?

This week we have the newest episode of Critapocalypse for y’all to have a listen to.

We talk about game endings and life in general along with some mentions of a few other topics. Stay for the end to hear a discussion regarding the Halloween series and our favourite entries along with our most hated.

Spoiler we also speak about this!

Here is the Soundcloud link:

Critapocalypse Episode 3

Youtube for those of you more visually inclined:

Critapocalypse Episode 3